INDI Library v1.9.7 Released 29 Jul 2022

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.
What's Changed
INDI Receiver and rtl-sdr by @iliaplatone in #1661
Ensure defensive check of UBP previous data to fix crash - fixes #1662 by @wgauvin in #1663
Update drivers.xml by @sonny486 in #1667
Update dmfc.cpp by @sonny486 in #1665
Fast blob transfer by @pludov in #1668
Fix for indi_setprop by @pludov in #1669
Fix socket leak by @pludov in #1672
More AP changes: UDP, Home, Encoder Status, version major/minor. by @murveit in #1673
Fix memory leak when converting blob to base64 by @pludov in #1674
Disable broken shm support for macos by @pludov in #1677
Use 8bits samples in the lookup table by @pludov in #1680
Adding some basic PEC status and control to lx200gemini by @amendolajamie in #1675
Shared blob hardening by @pludov in #1684
Add Servo Precision control by @amendolajamie in #1683
Added "enable pec at boot" switch, and a display for "current pec guide speed" by @amendolajamie in #1685
Fix compilation with older gcc (debian 9 / stretch) by @pludov in #1687
Fix dead client test by @pludov in #1688
Fix connection error for Virtuoso mount by @Nekomeshi in #1690
Iliaplatone by @iliaplatone in #1691
Added RA/DEC guide speed by @amendolajamie in #1686
Fix issue in AstroPhysics getApMountFeatures by @murveit in #1692
Fixed a bug where PEC was always enabled on startup. by @amendolajamie in #1693
Fix Fedora build by @TallFurryMan in #1694
Make the Ubuntu workflow use the ubuntu build environment. by @TallFurryMan in #1695
Fix typo in cron schedule for docker build containers. by @TallFurryMan in #1696
Use generic libdc1394-dev dependency for Ubuntu. by @TallFurryMan in #1697
Add firmware properties and checks. by @amendolajamie in #1698
Check for signalled process in integration test by @pludov in #1699
Fix rare crash when doing base64 encoding by @pludov in #1700
Ensure INDIPREFIX is cleared only for drivers started from FIFO by @pludov in #1702
UI Cleanup by @amendolajamie in #1704
Build pushes and PRs on master branch only. by @TallFurryMan in #1706
ap rate tables by @murveit in #1710
fix periodic error simulation by @murveit in #1709
New Contributors
@wgauvin made their first contribution in #1663
@sonny486 made their first contribution in #1667
@pludov made their first contribution in #1668
@amendolajamie made their first contribution in #1675
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