INDI Library v1.9.8 Released 29 Sep 2022

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.
+ 1.9.8git_spec: update 3rd party spec files to 1.9.8git by @xsnrg in #620
+ Add support for C5 cameras, clarify license, extend FITS headers by @sWski in #619
+ mgen: fix ftdi deprecation. by @TallFurryMan in #624
+ ASI Camera SDK 1.26 release by @jpaana in #626
+ mgen: fix ftdi deprecation differently. by @TallFurryMan in #627
+ Add option for unidirectional motion to SX wheels by @jpaana in #629
+ Update MI library to support new USB PIDs by @sWski in #632
+ Handling Devices with Firmware >= 5.8 but no humidity and pressure sensor by @pmneo in #628
+ Allow ZWO CCDs to be nicknamed, associated by the serial numbers in their firmware. by @murveit in #631
+ Fix problem where QHY firmware would get installed to the wrong directory by @k-ross in #633
+ Upgrade Atik SDK to 2022.07.14.1005. by @TallFurryMan in #635
+ Correct miss-model name from SV405C to SV405CC by @jctk in #637
+ BUGFIX: Disable auto saving parameters by @jctk in #638
+ Update qhy_ccd.h by @sonny486 in #644
+ Update qhy_ccd.cpp by @sonny486 in #643
+ EQMod: fix driver crash when enabling PEC with no PEC data trained by @k-ross in #648
+ Update MI library to 0.7.2/0.6.2 by @sWski in #650
+ Improvement: Capabilities and Frame Format are dynamically determined based on Camera Properties after camera connection. by @jctk in #649
+ PlayerOne Camera SDK was updated to v3.0.4 by @hiro3110i in #652
+ BUGFIX: change mutex life cycle to camera connection period and correct some pthread function calls by @jctk in #651
+ Libatik spec update by @xsnrg in #653
+ Refactoring to use FOCUS_TEMPERATURE property. by @pidlug in #657
+ BUGFIX: indi_sv305_ccd: garbage data in last line (Issue #654) by @jctk in #658
+ IMPROVEMENT: indi_sv305_ccd: Capture format can be selected in the Ekos Camera module. by @jctk in #664
+ Restrict overmatching MACH ifdef to only trigger on OSX and Mach by @Zopolis4 in #661
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