INDI Library v2.0.4 Released 01 Oct 2023

Bi-monthly release with minor bug fixes and improvements
+ Fix build bug on Windows by @AstroAir in #1917
+ 2.0.3_spec: update spec file to match CMake config by @xsnrg in #1918
+ Update Libdsp by @iliaplatone in #1920
+ Fix bug in relative positioning of Lacerta MFOC by @singraber in #1924
+ Fix setFormat typos, add isEmpty method by @pawel-soja in #1931
+ Use ZSTD compression for XISF images when available by @nouspiro in #1934
+ Fix various typos by @luzpaz in #1935
+ Preliminary support for Planewave by @knro in #1937
+ Bug fix making both focusers visible by @sterne-jaeger in #1941
+ focuser crash fixed+some properties added by @anjok in #1940
+ On step work by @azwing in #1942
+ Openastrotech by @anjok in #1943
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