INDI Library v2.0.6 is Released 02 Feb 2024

Bi-monthly release with minor bug fixes and improvements
fix(docker): add zmq dependency, output OS info by @TallFurryMan in #1967
Link against httplib if using system libraries by @hamarituc in #1968
fix(actions): upgrade actions versions. by @TallFurryMan in #1972
Fix various typos throughout the codebase by @luzpaz in #1969
Remove obsolete Avalon Legacy driver by @sterne-jaeger in #1976
TeenAstro pulse behaviour #1977 by @gehelem in #1978
iOptron iEAF indi driver by @Joe13905179063 in #1962
Allow using system provided json library by @mattiaverga in #1970
Bump tj-actions/changed-files from 35 to 41 in /.github/workflows by @dependabot in #1986
Flip-flat: Allow handshake without ioctl on virtual serial connection by @jfwells in #1987
Fix version reporting on older Celestron NexStar mounts by @tbowers7 in #1988
PegasusAstro SaddlePowerBox by @chrysikos in #1989
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