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Latest INDI & KStars are available for Arch Linux & Derivatives like Manjero & Antegros.

1. Install INDI & KStars

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo pacman -S --needed kstars breeze-icons yaourt binutils patch cmake make libraw libindi gpsd gcc
yaourt -Sya --noconfirm libindi_3rdparty

2. Astrometry.net

yaourt -Sya sextractor-bin
yaourt -Sya astrometry.net

Determine what Index files you require and then download them. Or you can use KStars to download them for you.

wget broiler.astrometry.net/\~dstn/4100/index-4107.fits
wget broiler.astrometry.net/\~dstn/4100/index-4108.fits
wget broiler.astrometry.net/\~dstn/4100/index-4109.fits
sudo mv index-410[789].fits /usr/share/astrometry/data



3rd Party

Choose from the numerous 3rd party INDI drivers to suit your needs!

Got Problem?

Check out the FAQ, the forum, and the bug tracking system to resolve any issues you might have!
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