INDI Library v1.9.6 Released (21 May 2022)

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.

In Ekos the Gphoto cameras that are supported are not available to select.

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Sorry for my slow follow-up. I've had some personal issues causing the delay. I'll post again when I have a log file for you.
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I know this is an old thread but did this ever get resolved? I want to use my GH5s and it doesn't seem to be supported by Ekos.

Some issues that I will point out are:

The camera is detected and seems to connect.
I cannot change the ISO or change the mode from FITS to native.
It doesn't matter what exposure time I select. The camera does capture an image but not with the exposure time I'm selecting. I have even tried forcing the camera to bulb mode first - no change.
The files transferred to the application after capture are random. Sometimes it looks like it is sending the image just captured. Other times it's selecting an image already on the SD card. Weird.

I'm attaching logs to see if you can determine is this can be corrected.
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