Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'QHY294C not recognised and indi driver crash in KStars 3.4.0 and 3.4.1' in the forum. 5 hours 11 minutes ago

It might be worthwhile to contact QHY about this issue now since the SDK fails to identify the camera.


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'QHY Driver: Testing required' in the forum. 5 hours 36 minutes ago

I will report these issues to QHY.


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'Cannot play back SER videos?' in the forum. 5 hours 39 minutes ago

Yes absolutely. You can checkout the documentation + video here: indilib.org/develop/developer-manual/163...ent-environment.html

Basically, in Ekos, you select "remote" but keep the host as localhost. You can then start INDI driver on command line, or preferably in QtCreator so you can debug easily as shown above.


It's not related to KStars (it's just a front-end), so yes it's INDI QHY driver, and more specifically the QHY SDK because the indi-qhy driver has not changed in a while, the SDK is what is updated. I just pushed the QHYSDK v20.3.21, can you test with this on the next nightly on Linux and report back? or you can compile now if you're up to it. If the SDK fails to detect the camera, then we can report this to QHY to investigate.


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'Off-Centered After Flip' in the forum. yesterday

is Reset Mount Model After Meridian Flip check in Ekos Capture options? When using EQMod mount this could help.


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'Problem with polar alignment in southern hemisphere?' in the forum. yesterday

I wouldn't say the problem is fixed, I just added a toggle to reverse the vector. Still, I do not know why it is reversed for some people. It is not just North vs South hemisphere.. even folks in north hemisphere reported the same problem.

So what would be a reason for it to be reversed?

1. Optical system?
2. Mount rotation direction? east vs. west?
3. Location of pole relative to center of mount rotation? some some positions need a reversed vector?
4. Combination of multiple factors?


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'FITS viewer' in the forum. yesterday

HFR is not automatically computed since it can be very CPU intensive and not necessary most of the time. Only when you click "Find stars" view menu it is computed, but I see now that HFR is not updated even that is clicked.. so there is a bug somewhere.


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'Cannot play back SER videos?' in the forum. yesterday

Right so when live streaming, bit-depth is automatically reduced to 8bit to help make it faster. This is done in INDI. Thanks for offering to help, it is very much required to improve streaming & recording issues in INDI. You can find the logic in the function asyncStream in streammanager.cpp in INDI.

Right now, it's downscaling to 8bit. Though I can see that one improvement could be to immediately record the data before performing the downscaling. At any rate, I'm open to ideas for improvement. A few weeks ago I had to disable the threading for asyncStream when recording is active as I couldn't trace back a thread issue with file descriptors. Right now it's running on the main thread so it's slower but works OK. If you can also investigate this part it would be great!


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'Guding Calibration takes 3 times longer exposure ... why?' in the forum. 2 days ago

This was done in order to properly detect the stars. Autostart detection was having issues with 1-2 second images, so this is why. Apparently no one had issue with this for the last couple of years since it was added.