Have you tried plugging your pi into one of the USB-A ports?

Your other devices (camera, mount) only on the DC5521 Port and Cigarette Lighter Port?


Try again the server is probably overloaded


Revolution in sight. Simple, light and flexible distribution. Warm up your PI4/5.

AstroArch 1.8 on final approach.


Hello Steve,

Mattia is absolutely right in these comments.

To test and/or resolve certain problems, you must first keep it simple by breaking down the devices.

For the pi, I think it's a very solid basic device. If the voltage is good 5v, normally the amperage adapts to the needs of the pi. The only thing to check is to have the right battery, depending on a pi4 (3A) or a pi5 (5A). The only real issue is the sd card.

The errors you encountered are either an incorrect configuration (ex: green balance), or a device that is not working correctly (ex: your camera not connecting).

The logs made it possible to resolve the green background issue. For the camera, it should be the same with all logs and how it is plugged in/powered. There is little chance that the issue comes from the pi.

Is this a cooled camera? Do you use an external battery? Have you connected the camera and the mount to the same power ?
Have you checked all logs to determine the error? Did you have any problems other than the camera?

Don't compare the pi to the Stellarmate. Stellarmate is a "pi" + a card with all the necessary power supplies (camera, heating strips, etc.) + a dedicated OS. It is an Asiair but can be used with any brand of device.


Stéphane Carlin replied to the topic 'Is Astroarch alive?' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

AstroArch is alive!

Mattia works hard, and the OS management is going well.

A little patience because this is a major version for greater stability and occasional corrections


Regardless of the usage and Zwo camera, here is a link with an explanation about the WB_R and WB_R values ​​https://bbs.zwoastro.com/d/15936-what-should-be-the-wb-r-and -wb-b-settings-for-asi2600mc-pro-camera


I just noticed several things in your ASIconfig.xml.txt file

A first point which has nothing to do with the green image problem, but which could improve your images. Your offset is 0, Zwo recommends an offset of 70 for the 533

The second point that may be the cause of the green image is that the values ​​of WB_Red and WB_Blue in your file are not the same as in mine.

I just looked in the Indi dashboard. We find these values ​​under the controls tab of camera 533. I have for WB_R=52 and WB_B=95

These values ​​are recommended by Zwo (see bottom of this page www.indilib.org/ccds/zwo-optics-asi-cameras.html)


Maybe you could compare your two files to see the difference. Then go back to the configuration value that is causing the problem.


I have the same camera as you and no problem with the Kstars viewer.

There is probably a configuration error. Have you looked under configuration/fits to see if you have checked automatic Bayer filter?

Maybe the issue comes from the file handling the 533 in the .indi folder? Move it elsewhere so that Kstars creates another one.