Hello, I've installed INDI on an Armbian linux computer compliling source 2.0.5. It runs well and I'm accessing it from Kstars/Ekos on Windows (v 3.6.8 stable). I've connected my DLSR Canon EOS 800 D cammera and works perfectly and also connect my Star Adventurer 2i WiFi star traker and being able to manage it.

I have started to capure images locally on Ekos on my Windows laptop computer and works fine, but any time I've tried to capture remotelly (on the INDI server Armbian computer), it fails. On cammedra control I set target name (test), format (\%t\%T\%t_%e_%F) and set as save remotelly on /home/domotica/indi directory which exists. When run a sequence it aborts and on INDI control panel I see the message: "[ERROR] Unable to save image file (/home/domotica/indi/test/Light/test_1_secs//home/domotica/indi/test/Light/test_1_secs_001.fits). No such file or directory"

It seems Ekos duplicates the path where to store the picture. If I look at INDI control panel I see now on CCD/camera options Upload settings/Dir: /domotica/indi/test/Light/test_1_secs and on Prefix /home/domotica/indi/test/Light/test_1_secs_XXX, but my initial set was /home/domotica/indi for dir and image_XXX for prefix.

If (with initial settings on options), ai shoot an image for INDI control panel, it works and storews an image: [INFO] Image saved to /home/domotica/indi/image_001.fits

I've tried different combinations of remote directory and Prefix, but always duplicate the path.

How can I fresolve this? I want to store images on remote INDI server for faster capture