Just wondering if anyone using a Nexdome have had problems with INIDI / KStars lately? I was using Astroberry for about a year and all worked perfectly. I forget the sequence, but tried installing Stellarmate on a 8G Pi4 had problems with the dome, put the original Astroberry in and it didn't boot. Went back to my 4G Pi4 and booted fine and dome not working. I did the apt-get update and no rotation now.

I'm running the 3.1 firmware on my dome motors, I forget but is there a newer one out now?

I did put in a trouble ticket and gave Jasem access to my observatory. He checked things out and reported back to me with this:

I connected to your dome and it's not working. Everything checks out. The only difference is that INDI driver uses @GSR command to go to specific steps, which is more accurate than @GAR.

So to go to 100 degrees, the command is @GSR,15300

However, this does not make it move at all. It's 153 steps/degree. Not sure if something changed since last year. Better check with Tim Long on this. Try to issue GSR command from CuteCom or minicom and see if there is any response. The driver is working fine and in line the existing command set as far as I can tell.

I'll send this info to Tim Long also, but curious if anyone else has had any problems? It kind of sounds like a command format problem sent from INIDI to the dome. I've looked for a previous image download that maybe I can go backwards but haven't found it yet.

Any ideas?