Hello all,
Desperate by the issues I met with the Legacy driver I have done an upgrade of the firmware on the CEM60. I must admit that I was close to heart attack doing this process. I have done it on many devices but never on a mount. So I was afraid to brick my mount. Hopefully all went good. All seems to work fine and the guiding rates are same on handpad and in mount config.
Two nights ago I have done a session. For the calibration I still have to set the pulse to 4000 to have a significant displacement in RA (I was on Cephee Iris Nebula). That makes me doubtful. On the other hand the pulse value seems to be huge for calibration on DEC axle.
Whatever, the calibration went to finish. I haven't change any parameters on guiding process.
The guiding session have been ugly. In the past, before issues with Legacy driver I was guiding between -0.25 to 0.25 arc sec RMS with low values of plus or minus 0.11 arc second RMS.
Now, the RMS values are pic to pic between -1.5 to 1.5 arc sec and RMS around plus or minus 0,75 arc sec.

Is there some advice concerning the guiding parameters that you can give me to improve the guiding process ?