first of all I want to thank all developers working on the INDI project, great job. Let me just give a brief description of my Problem:
I own myself an omegon 200/1000 telescope on an eq500 parallactic mount. For me the GoTo Kit was too expensive so I started developing my own control, based on an arduino pro mini. After a view weeks of development yesterday was the first clear sky here in southern Germany since I finished the first prototype of my simple telescope aligner. Everything is working so far, the telescope is performing the moves as send from the INDI driver. I also slewed to some objects from kStars, everything ok. But as i tried the EKOS auto guiding feature some problems occured.: After plying a bit with the guiding speed I got the automatic calibration done and guiding also worked. But I couldn't get under 3" standard deviation. As guiding cam I use a remake of the old philips ccd webcams, directly in the main focus of my telescope (testing purpose). One reason for the deviation might be bad seeing causing the guiding star to wobble around. But as I gave my old eq2 autoguiding setup a try it worked with a mean displacement of under 1". But the autoguiding algorithm used in this setup, first sums up 30 images from the webcams image stream, before the guiding star is analyzed.
So I searched for an averaging option in EKOS, but could not find any possibility to first average over a certain number of streamed images while autoguiding. I only figured out the streaming option in the INDI control area. But I think by now EKOS is not supporting autoguiding with webcams in a special way, because it is also not possible to change the guiding rate to a repetition time bigger than the maximum exposure time of the webcam.

So I want to ask if there is an alternative driver to the V4L2 CCD which already supports the functionality described above. Or if this driver maybe supports avereging over images from the image stream for autoguiding and I just didn't found it.

Thanks in advance and clear sky