knro wrote:

Guiding: I am in fact re-designing the whole guiding GUI but it would be a while.
1. Legend will be added
2. Will see if it can be increased, this was imported from lin_guider so I'll check if it can go down further.
3. Maybe a checbox to show which to plot? I'll experiment with that
4. Yes under Control you can see "Enable Directions" where you can check/uncheck RA/DEC.

I think what would be great functionality on the guiding tab is:
-Saving the calibration so it will be used always on any session without the need for new calibration.
-After a meridian flip, having the option to just flip the RA+DEC so a new calibration would not be needed. Maybe using some stored variable that tracks imaging E of the meridian and W of the meridian.
-The option that if no guidestar is found, the sequence continues without the autoguiding and just blind tracking of the mount, and the possibility to not abort the sequence.
-Maybe the option to search automatically a suitable guidestar, using the SNR ratio of the image, recursive searching for a suitable exposure time until a guidestar is found within some upper and lower limits.

This functionality would be absolutely fantastic. But it's sure not easy to implement such a thing.