Just cleaned and recompiled everything from current GIT, couldn't reproduce the alignment crash anymore, but "Warm CCD" remains grayed out even though the camera has cooling and capture tab correctly shows the temperature control. What also happens is that most tabs are totally grayed out until I switch optical train to another one and back.

Also noticed that Ekos -> PHD2 connection has some recent issue that it tries to send DEC guide mode setting to PHD2 before it has connected, doesn't receive response obviously, and starts deferring all further requests so that connection doesn't progress at all. It stays waiting for equipment connection to complete, but PHD2 hasn't received the request in the first place. Commenting out sending the DEC guide mode setting works around this issue and Ekos connects to PHD2 normally.

I'm not sure when these issues have appeared as I have had my equipment offline for maintenance for the summer and only recently started preparing for the season.