I finally got around testing 3.6.0 in Astroberry.
Here's my configuration:
Raspberry Pi 4 with Astroberry 2.0.4, upgraded to Kstars 3.6.0 (sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade)
Camera: ASI CCD (ASI294MM Pro)
Guide camera: ASI CCD (ASI290MM mini)
Mount EQMOD Mount (SW AZ-EQ6)
Focuser: Pegasus Focuscube
Filter Wheel: ASI EFW (ASI mini filter wheel with 5 positions)
Auxiliary: Astrometry

I took a quick daytime sequence of 10 10s Luminance images, 10 10s Red images and 10 10s Green images, all Lights at bin 2x2, 30 exposures in total.

From the FITS header in Kstars Fits Viewer it seems that all files have the FILTER keyword.