good, so I advance gently. Maitenant I try to install the server for weatherradio, I follow the explanation on the doc. But I'm stuck with a command line I put it to you

chris@tinkerboard:/etc/systemd/system$ sudo systemctl enable indi-weatherradio.service
[sudo] Mot de passe de chris : 
Failed to enable unit: "multi-user.targe" is not a valid unit name.

I followed this to configure
INDI server setup

Using the INDI driver depends upon the scenario how you want to use Weather Radio. If you want to simply use it in combination with your INDI client of choice (like e.g. KStars), there is no special setup required.

If you want to provide weather data in a 24x7 mode to weather station clients like for example its own web interface (see below), you need to start the INDI server separately. The simples way for this is starting indiserver -v indi_weatherradio from a terminal. On Linux machines, you may create a dedicated service that automaticall starts during startup. Create the following service definition in /etc/systemd/system/indi-weatherradio.service:

Description=INDI server for weather radio

ExecStart=/usr/bin/indiserver -v indi_weatherradio

For activating and starting this service, execute the following commands:

sudo systemctl enable indi-weatherradio.service
sudo systemctl start indi-weatherradio.service

Thank you popur the one who has an idea