Xavier replied to the topic 'INDI Server for Windows' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hi all!
I'm totally new to this stuff, also to Linux. I'm switching a win10 miniPC to linux in order to test Ekos. In the meantime I gave wINDI a try but it's not working at all:
EQMOD connects but there is no telescope tab in Ekos.
ASI 1600 connects but do not respond, If I set temp to 0 it keeps spining with no change, as it does if I try to take a preview.
QHY5III show the attached error tab when I try to setup, and dont connect to K-stars.
Other ASCOM gear doesn't appear as selectable, directly it doesn't exist...

This was trying wINDI and Ekos for Windows in the same pc, I have to try remote connecting from a Mac



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