Hello Camiel,

Nice to hear you got out under the stars! Sometimes the weather
is with us.

I contacted Andras Dan about the 0 to -1 bug. He said that he was
aware that the bug had existed, but thought that it had been solved.

I have not tested that bug under the stars, only "on the bench". As
far as I can tell, it is a bit difficult to tell exactly what objects exist
where you are pointed (short of plate solving). But, the coordinates
are easy to predict -- just take the negative declination, and make
it positive, and there you are!

As far as I can tell, there is no way that the scope could do otherwise
than just point where it is told to point, because the error is actually
in the controller -- it returns the wrong value to the controlling program,
which promptly tells the scope to slew to the wrong (positive) spot.

So, I have attached the source of the next version of the driver. I have
tried to make accommodation for the non-guiding values for the motion
speed indicators. If you have the time, give it a try, and see if it reflects
what you think you need. If it does not, then my detection method
probably needs a little work. But I do print the version string to the
console area of the INDI screen, so at least that should tell us

I do hope Andras can arrange for a fix for your controller. That -1
bug is just too egregious to let stand!

Let me know how the driver works out for you, and

More clear skies!