Ok, I see, so I need to:
1. Set more precise time and a scope location
2. Correct the park position of the mount manually to match the default park position in Kstars

I thought that Kstars doesn't have default park point. I mean looks like there is some kind of a stepper position, which translated in Kstars as "position towards NCP".
But I expected that the first sync on NPC would overwrite this point. So I make the park position a stepper position when RA and DE Steps are both set to 10000000, so I can easily reset park position at this point, knowing, that this position is pointing to NCP. Looks like I was wrong.
But I still can't understand, can't I really manually set this default park position? It's just a wrong model of my mount in Kstars/INDI. Is it possible to set that "this" stepper position positioned towards NCP? Is there a model of my mount that is by default identify (when no alignment has been made at all) that some stepper position of the mount pointing to specific place in the sky?