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Hi all,

Well I’ve returned to AP after a 2yr break and the first night didn’t go according to plan (what a shocker). I had a couple of issues (one I think I’ve just figured out). The other issue I’m having is with polar alignment. I used to get really good PA when I last did it and was eager to try the new version. I went through the process and got to the point of adjusting and this is where it all went wrong. I chose the Plate Solve Method and made my adjustments while looking at the updated error. Now two things confused me:

1) there is a triangle and a circle on the screen and my assumption is that the circle should be adjusted along the triangle until it rests on the apex. Yet when I made my adjustments the error was reducing but the circle was nowhere near the triangle. If I tried to adjust while on the triangle the error got worse.

2) If I let my mount settle and take a couple of exposures the error got worse! Even though I did nothing. How can this be?

I like the new PA routine but need some help in how to use it.