I'm relatively new to Indi and EKOS and I'm having an odd problem. When I align my CGE Pro mount and then start Indi through EKOS, the mount connects, but I get an error stating "ERROR: Failure reading RA/DEC coordinates. Expected 18 characters, received 1. " If I power up and don't align the mount, I get the expected warning that the mount isn't aligned and that I need to align it first, then restart Indi.

I've tried every type of alignment, from a simple solar system align, to a 1-star align, to a StarSense alignment. The telescope tracks fine without Indi engaged after these alignments are complete, but the second I start Indi and the above error is reported, it stops tracking.

Equipment: CGE Pro Mount (latest firmware)
Hand Controller: StarSense (latest firmware)
Indi: Runs on Stellarmate - all other devices - cameras, focusers, etc connect and operate fine.

I do have an older NexStar+ HC that I can try, but haven't given that a shot yet. I wanted to see if I'm doing something wrong first.