I am using ASI cameras that support a 12-bit ADC. When I use the default Ekos/INDI settings I notice that the INDI Control Panel shows that the 8-bit Raw Format is selected. This then results in my captured images being saved as only 8-bit FITS files i.e. stats show a maximum value of 255. Reading the docs, I picked up that 8 and 16 bit FITS are supported and to recover the extra 4 bits I will need to use the 16-bit format. When I then view the FITS stats, am I correct in saying that the 12-bit values are scaled up to fit a 16 bit values i.e. 0-4096 -> 0-65535? Also, when I exit and re-run the software the Format always defaults back to 8-bits. Is there a way to force the setting to stay at 16-bit?

Many thanks.