Attached screens are for our Northern latitude AP1600GTO. Hopefully, they may help, but, we assume no responsibility for your own mount.

We like to use horizontal pointing north on the horizon, NOT our pole star. It allows us to easily know if initialization is correct, and, when park is correctly being achieved.

Our initial procedure was to manually position the telescope on the horizon facing north. The telescope is EAST of the pier with counter weights to the West. Power up the mount and wait. Our AP is rather slow to boot up. Once it's initialized, we moved the cursor on the KStars map to the approximate location the mount was pointing. Synced. Then, we used the INDI Control Panel command (Site Management, Park Options, Write Data) to write our current position for KStars to use as the Park.

Operationally, we are careful to not Warm Initialize, unless needed during the night. Always, when you initially power up the mount and connect, check to see the star map shows the mount icon in the approximate Parked position. If not, the mount must be properly Synced.

One final suggestion. Be careful to make certain the connection is with the mount and not some other USB device.