1. Yes there are a lot of problems specially with latest releases. The wireless connectivity of Raspberry is horrible and does not depends from KStars/INDI. Wireless should not be never considered as a stable platform to do nothings. Cable is cable

2. Doing stacking of images with a Raspberry is not a good idea, they get too much resources. ASIAIR is based on KStars/INDI but then there are some stuffs made by paid peoples that to this as work. KStars/INDI developers are not paied people. If you have a stable system like a previous version of KStars/INDI you are not bound to do update, if a thing works does not touch is

3. i think that astrophotography is highly related to EAA. as i sad before, if a thing works does not touch is, you are not bound to do update, and before make a backup.

I also have some problems, but I have a card with my stable 3.4.2 and other with 3.5.6, 3.5.8 and 3.6.0.

Remember that ASIAir is based upon the FREE works of the KStars/INDI developers