Dear Ben, I finally found a bit of time to try and use my Brightstar Mammut Lyuba Monochrome camera (deemed very similar to the Orion Starshoot G3) through the INDI / Astroberry platform  on a RPI.
I installed the new indi_orion_ssg3_ccd driver from the package manager, and connected the device. The INDI client loads a Orion StarShoot G3/G4 driver dashboard ("version 0.1 / Interface 6 / Driver Info name: Orion StarShoot  G3 mono 0", which sounds great), but I cannot connect the camera successfully. I get the following error message:
[ERROR]: unable to connect to Orion StarShoot G3/G4: operation not permitted.
The VID / PID of the Mammut Camera is the following (output of lsusb command). I e-mailed these detailed to you some time ago but not sure you got them
Bus 004 Device 003: ID 07ee:0501 Torex Retail (formerly Logware) AVR32 UC3 USB DEVICE
This may be quite straightforward to fix, but I must confess I never came accross such issue. Other (more mainstream) cameras I use through INDI / EKOS are plug & play.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could share some clues.
Thanks a lot !