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I was testing if I could use EKOS to control an old iOptron MiniTower2 the other day.  Connected the laptop to the handset and the handset to the mount.  The mount connected fine and when I told it to do a star align, it went in roughly the right direction, saw that it was not there and then for the correction went waaaaayyyy off.  Strange thing was that when I told it to Park, it would not go to the same position that it started in (it went to a completely strange position).  Even after I purged the parking configuration & mount model on EKOS.

Is the problem the handset, as in, do I need to clear alignment on the handset and then drive it with EKOS?  Or do I need to align with the handset first and then connect EKOS (the problem with that is visual alignment probably won't be as accurate as EKOS alignment would be, and its a faff to replace a diagonal and EP w a camera and refocus for an EAA session)?

Thank you!