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So last night I left the rig on an imaging run (Leo Triplet) that was meant to finish at around 0120 w a job (m81) scheduled to start from 0130.  I thought that the Leo run may not finish all its images (time added for dithering & settling etc), and was curious to see what would happen.

Looked this morning, and happily the scheduler took priority at 0130, the Leo run was terminated and the mount slewed and aligned successfully on M81.

But then the guiding seems to have been the problem - it couldn't calibrate.  But it was a clear night (the plateseolving & alignment worked so it can't be have been clouds at that time, and it was guiding fine for the Leo run).

Slightly disappointing b/c it was 4 hrs of missed moonless skies.  Hey ho, M81 will still be there in the future, but it would be good to understand how/why this happened b/c if Scheduler is going to be unreliable I am going to have to change my imaging sequencing.

Log file here:

Guidelog file here:

Thank you!