see updates below :
1) Can you check to see if it downloaded any images to your device? The log seemed to indicate it did, but of course that doesn't necessarily mean anything. - On some of the tests yes it downloaded an image

2) If you start the driver in M mode, and never switch to another mode, what are the results? Inital test at 1.5 seconds shutter opened and closed for 1.5 seconds but it got stuck in waiting to download image. I aborted that attempt and tried 2 seconds, shutter fired what sounded like twice and then opened for 2 seconds and closed, but the downloaded image seems to be from the first shutter snap as the image was perfectly exposed and not over exposed at 2sec and 800iso. Repeated 2 second shot, again shutter sounds like it fired twice. Tried 31 second exposure and counter started at 31 but finished downloading after 2 seconds even do shutter was still open must have read from buffer. tried it at 30 seconds max exposure for manual mode, again it completed after approx 2 seconds and read from buffer, once 30 seconds elapsed shutter closed.

3) If you haven't already, could you by chance download pktriggermode by itself and let me know how that works with your camera? The driver is just wrapping the code for pktriggermode, so if you've used pktriggermode before and it worked, then we're having a driver problem. Otherwise, there's a fundamental problem with pktriggermode, and there may not be much I can do. I cant seem to download pktriggercord for ubuntu says package is not available, i had tried it in windows a year or 2 ago with no success, but if needed i could try it again in windows

log file attached from test

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