Hello, i have the same problem, can you explaine me who can i do to relink the .so from another versio of the asi lib ?

Thanks .



in first i am new here so hello every body :)

I use an indi server on my raspberry pi for a while without problem since i decided to reset it.

I was using an asi zwo 120 mc guiding camera and every thing was working great, i was able to use my st4 port for pulse guiding. But since the reset of my rb, the st4 port is not working but the camera is detected and i can have the live video from ekos.

(Ps: on ubunu i have the same problem only on a remote server (with the server on localhost) . But in local every thing work great )

I have also tried to recompile the asi_zwo driver and nothing changed.

Do you know where this bug can came from ?