simont replied to the topic 'iOptron PEC update to drivers' in the forum. 9 months ago

For data acquisition I have a 2s exposure every 10s (using a DSLR and for some reasons I cannot go faster). Then PECPrep generate a smooth correction curve, with a sample every 1s. My code finally generate a correction pulse every 1s, but since I set minimum step to 20ms (with guiding rate to 0.5) and the PE is small, actually it's very frequent that only a pulse every 2 or 3 seconds is issued.

If you want to try, I think it is now stable enough. So:

- Acquire data. I use ekos guiding. Just start guiding with corrections OFF
- Retrieve the guiding log (usually in your home under .local/share/kstars)
- cleanup so that only the last guiding session is present
- take note of the time of start reported in the file and add the time to the first sample (in my case 10s)
- process the file in PECPrep and generate the EQMOD PEC file
- go back to the driver. Set file name and path, the time of acquisition you noted before, the minimum pulse step (I used 20ms), and the index at which the PE curve generated by PECPrep crosses zero for the first time.
- start recording. You should see a countdown to playback start, then the actual training. Training will stop automatically when the mount say it is over. Check that the last index recorded is within +/-1 of the zero crossing.