Ron DeBry replied to the topic 'KStars crashing' in the forum. 4 months ago

The nightly seems to not crash, but when I played around with the telescope simulator it kept getting caught in some kind of loop - flickering back and forth between a couple of messages about a meridian flip failing (I had sent it to a position that should have been at least 3 hours away from a meridian flip...)

I didn't want to risk that happening when connected to my mount, so I reverted back to stable. Still crashing, but I have found what might be a workaround. I open Kstars, start Ekos - the IND panel shows up unpopulated by any settings / switches, then after a second or two Kstars crashes. If I restart Kstars and tell it to *not* close the existing INDI server, it *seems* to work correctly from then on.