Risingcam IMX571C, but I do not think it is the camera driver (see below)
KStars 3.6.0 stable, 28 Aug build

This is a new issue for me. It could be something as simple as a setting I have overlooked, as I recently moved from astroberry to a mini-PC with Ubuntu Mate, and I keep finding settings that I need to change from their default but have not thought about in ages (once I got them set in astroberry, ages ago). For example, I shot 3 full nights before I remembered to change the temperature source for triggering a focus run from 'camera' to 'Rigelsys' (why on earth does that default to the camera, anyway??).

The symptoms: main camera image download fails / timeout immediately after the flip repositioining. I do not suspect the camera driver because capture successfully resumes when a new job starts:

I can also re-start successful captures by hitting the Stop button for the capture sequence in the Camera tab. The scheduler immediately re-starts the capture sequence and all is well. But I didn't put all that work into cable management just to still need an alarm clock set for every flip. I can work around it by carefully scheduling jobs, but I'd rather just have it work correctly :)

The log is not very informative - it simply reports the timeouts.


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