Mattia created a new topic ' Monitoring kstars - astromonitor' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hi people!

I had some free time lately and I decided to start a small side project to solve one of the issue I face sometimes when using kstars, crashing.

To be clear, I don't recall having any crash on my PC (arch) but I get a lot of them on my raspberry pi and most of the time they seem to be random, this has caused me some issues in the past, the most dangerous IMO:
 - scope hitting the tripod cause the mount continue tracking after
 - sessions interrupted in half

So to the point, what I am providing?

Not much at the moment, for now I am just monitoring kstars every 15s and notify people via telegram if the process stops.

I have some other ideas for the next year like expanding to different notifications type (email, sms), restarting indi and do some recovery actions (parking) and other things that may be needed, but in the meanwhile, if you want to be notified if kstars crashes on your Linux/MacOS/raspberry you can try it :)

You can find the project here should you have any issue installing please reach out

It is compiled so you don't need to install any dependency, the oneliner for installing works on my linux64 box and on my raspberry 32bit, haven't tried on aarch64 and MacOS!

Should you have any issue or ideas, please open an issue on github and I'll have a look!