I recently installed Kstars/Ekos on a small Nuc computer. I am able to connect to and control all of the devices in my telescope (mount, DSLR camera, ZWO guide camera). All my testing is in the garage now, due to the weather.

The only problem I have seen so far is the button graphics don't show, although I do get the "hover text" when the mouse pointer hovers over the button. I can press the button and the action that is associated with it does take place. Buttons with text instead of show up okay.

Some details on my installation:
Kstars version number: 2.9.4
Ubuntu version number: 18.04.5
Xfce Desktop: 4.12
INDI library: 1.8.7

I have attached a screenshot.

Any ideas?
BTW: Thanks for creating this terrific application, I am so looking forward to some clear skies so I do some real testing.