Thanks, that pushed me in the direction I needed! I looked into the weather safety proxy, and ended up trying the Weather Watcher option after following a bunch of links. I was able to pretty easily output the temperature over serial from the Arduino to the RPi and send it to a file. The Weather Watcher plugin reads that file and pulls in the temperature. Still trying to force it to read the RH and dew point, but it's big step.



Hi all -

New here, so hopefully I didn't miss a relevant post in my initial searches, and thanks in advance for any assistance.

I just finished setting up a StellarMate (RPi 4) to control my Orion Sirius (HEQ5) with a Nikon DSLR and Orion SSAG. I built a simple Arduino system to control the dew heaters using a temp/RH sensor and motor control board.

Setting up Ekos, I realized the TemperHum I'd been using previously will not work with Ekos. I'd like to use the the Arduino sensor if possible, as opposed to buying a second sensor (such as the mBox), which seems feasible within Ekos using either the Arduino Meteostation or Weather Radio.

However, I'm having an extremely difficult time finding sufficient information to make it work - both projects seem to have sparse details. I already have the display, power controls and temp/RH reading working within python on my existing setup. I'd like to figure out how to send the data from the Arduino to the RPi so that Ekos knows how to read it. Has anyone executed something like that, or have any sources they could point me to?

Thanks for any info!