MountainAir replied to the topic 'Re:Automatic Offset Calculation' in the forum. 1 year ago

Eric, is there any chance your sky quality utilities could also utilize locally-saved SharpCap Sensor Analysis result files? My apologies if you are already aware: Dr. Robin Glover's SharpCap can run fairly intensive analysis against each of your cameras. This produces a table of results that you can paste into various sub-exposure length spreadsheets, but the magic is when you point your scope and imaging train at your target and then use the Smart Histogram feature to analyze sky quality and automagically recommend the optimal sub-exposure length.

SharpCap is Windows-only, but the files can be copied and accessed anywhere. N.I.N.A. has the ability to use these SharpCap sensor analysis files, though it does not calculate properly (last night I tried it for the first time and it said my EdgeHD 9.25 needed a 3,573-second exposure).

Also, I love your suggestion for adding offset to EVERY camera-control interface such as guiding, alignment, etc. I *think* what probably happens is that the last-used offset in the camera module is used in any other modules that use that specific camera, but you're right, if you use higher gain for alignment and focusing it might black-clip like crazy if your offset is still set for a gain of 0.