I see that there is a Talon 6 INDI driver available for controlling a roll-off-roof observatory.  Is this being used in the wild to automate observatories via KStars/Ekos?  I see it hasn't been modified since 2019 so I'm wondering how full-featured it is compared to the ASCOM version.  Any real-world experience to share out there?

My observatory roof will indeed strike my large OTA, so I'm trying to find a solution that will suspend a sequence, park the mount, confirm parking with a sensor, and close the roof if dangerous conditions are detected.  And if it can resume everything automatically and safely when conditions improve, fantastic!

BTW, I know I should lower my mount so there's no possibility of a roof strike -- no amount of automation is worth that cost and heartache.  It's more easier said than done, though -- I'm having a hard time finding a fabricator who can make a new custom pier.