Matthew Morgan created a new topic ' INDI and the Ascompad' in the forum. 2 years ago

I am using INDI on a Linux OS (Astrel 183-x) and also experimenting with planetariums such as Kstars and CdC for mount control.  I am able to connect and slew my EQMod mount well enough, however I am having trouble fine tuning where the scope is pointing.

Before when using an Windows OS, I was able to fetch the Ascompad to move the mount here and there for fine adjustment.  Is there a way to get the Ascompad from the INDI library?


I bought a new astrophotography camera called the Astrel183x, it is a camera/filter wheel combo, but also equipped with an onboard microprocessor with an operating system and wifi connection. My hopes are to control the mount, guidescope and stepmotor focus remotely.

The microprocessor I believe is similar to what I have read is the rasberry pi setup, a small computer attached to the mount to control operations. The computer comes preloaded with INDIstarter, CCDceil and KStars if desired, not to mentioned phd2.

I am having a heck of a time getting this connected to my Orion Atlas mount as the first step in this journey. I don't have any computer programing experience (except Fortran intro. as a young engineering student) so this very confusing to me.

I gather my first step is to use the INDIstarter to add a driver, the EQMod Mount under telescopes (shows green), then under KStars or CCDciel to connect the mount. At this point I start to flounder as nothing seems to happen.

Does anyone know a good tutorial or writeup that can walk me through the sequence I need to follow for this? The connection to the mount is a an EQDirect cable (USB-RS232 jack), but with the shoestring adapter between the cable and mount for voltage control. The synscan hand controller is bypassed and out of the picture.