Hi Community,

I have a problem with my Ioptron CEM120EC mount.
After months of good operation, I now have connectivity problems between my Pi and the mount.

Shortly after starting the driver and connecting to the mount I get the error message: 
[ERROR] Read Command Error: Timeout error. (see attached log file).

The mount loses its bearings and the only way to get it moving again is to disconnect and then connect the driver again.

Problems started after a recent OS update (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade). Maybe it is related.

I connect the CEM120EC with my Pi4 through USB.

Interesting other detail: before the connectivity problems started I had to set the baud rate manually. It did not save with the driver defaults.
Since the connectivity problems started, the driver picks up the baud rate automatically.

Any suggestions what is the problem and how to fix it?

Best regards,

Marcel Noordman


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