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Hey folks,

It's me again, the guy with the weird questions... and I hope I got the correct category.

I currently am using four focusers at once on two telescopes. Yes, four focusers, why is that?

H-alpha telescope:
1. focuser: between front lens and PST40 etalon
2. focuser: adjustment of PST40 etalon (tilt)
3. focuser: between PST40 etalon and eyepiece
(future: 4. focuser: adjustment of a second PST40 etalon (tilt)

White light sun scope
4. focuser: eyepiece

I am using the onstep focuser (only one of the two possibilities, because the second focuser looks a little bit restircted in control), and three MyfocuserPro2 (in construction and protoype phase).
As far as I discovered: only two focusers of Myfocuserpro2 are accepted in Indi, the third is just ignored.

Is there any workaround? Or do I need to use 1x onstep focuser, 2x MyfocuserPro2 and a third one? It even is going to be more complicated when I am going to use a second etalon with it's own tilt "focuser".

Thanks in advance for your help,