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ZWO were suggesting it was a USB bandwidth problem but USB 3 is pretty fast and even having the cameras on different busses, the imager on USB3 and the guider on USB2 didn't help.

I also had instances when the guide camera would stop working completely and only a disconnect/reconnect would make it work again.

The debugging from the indiserver is a bit confusing, plus the information is being truncated making it hard to understand what's going on. The ASI ccd driver debug is a bit clearer - you enable it by modifying the ~/.ZWO/ASIconfig.xml file to set <DebugPrint type="3">01</DebugPrint> and the log file is in ~/.ZWO/asicamerasdk/asicamerasdk.log

Here's an excerpt

2021-07-15 21:22:30,997: INFO ASICamera : [WorkingFunc]: head:0xaa11 tail:0xf200
2021-07-15 21:22:30,997: INFO ASICamera : [WorkingFunc]: drop frames:4
2021-07-15 21:22:31,048: INFO ASICamera : [AutoExpGain]: Dest:100 Mean:1  gain:50 exp:95000 reg:0x43a
2021-07-15 21:22:31,152: INFO ASICamera : [AutoExpGain]: Dest:100 Mean:1  gain:50 exp:95000 reg:0x43a
2021-07-15 21:22:31,231: INFO ASICamera : [WorkingFunc]: head:0xaa11 tail:0xf200
2021-07-15 21:22:31,232: INFO ASICamera : [WorkingFunc]: drop frames:5
2021-07-15 21:22:31,232: INFO ASICamera : [WorkingFunc]: try lowing pkg!!


Franco replied to the topic 'Streaming 2 ZWO cameras' in the forum. 2 months ago

Just to close this thread off. I spent about a week working with ZWO support trying to diagnose this issue but it wasn't resolved. In the meantime I bought myself an ASIAir pro, mainly because I liked the look of the case. I did consider StellarMate but because it uses the indi_asi_ccd driver it was unlikely to work for me.  Although the ASIAir does use indiserver, it doesn't use it for imaging so the 2 camera problem isn't present.  Maybe a solution for INDI would be to have 2 separate drivers, one for the guider and one for the imager, this is what ASIAir does.

Just as an aside, you can use Kstars to move the mount with ASIAir because it is using indi_eqmod_telescope.


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Forgot to mention that the same thing happens when running kstars/Ekos on the server so maybe shouldn't have mentioned the wi-fi link.

I tried turning on debugging in indiserver but just got pages and pages of mainly ////

I'm pretty Linux savvy so if there's anything you want me to try to diagnose the problem, just let me know.


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I have INDI library: 1.9.0 running as a server on a Linux Mint PC and I run kstars/Ekos from another connecting to the server via 5GHz wi-fi.

I have 2 ZWO cameras, a 120MC-S for guiding and 294MC. Both cameras stream from from the INDI control panel in Ekos when connected individually but the 120MC-S always freezes when the 2 cameras are connected at the same time. They have their own USB 3 connections to the server. I tried using USB 2 for the 120 and also connecting via the 294 but with the same result.

I have had a few problems with the 120MC-S outside of INDI, it does tend to behave a bit erratically sometimes so I do wonder if it's a problem with the camera. It's certainly less reliable than the 294.  Both cameras are new so I don't think it's a firmware issue. I the only update fw for the 120 seems to suggest it's only for USB 2.

It probably doesn't matter too much because I tend to use a local capture app running on the INDI server for the imaging but wondered if there's an easy fix/workaround. The streaming is quite useful when setting up the telescope.