I'm not sure what needs to be attached to this. 

I've been slowly working my way up the experience level with Ekos,.. have begun using the scheduler and getting familiar with it. 

Two nights ago, it ran just fine.
Tonight, it starts up, gets to the 'focus' routine, which runs just fine, completes successfully and then ends, then the next step is 'Align', where it just hangs.
The Solution Results window never has a target entry show up in it (blank) and the status icon (next to the 'STOP' button) just spins.   it will eventually time out and get restarted by the scheduler in 600 seconds...  If I manually cancel it, the Scheduler starts over and runs the Focus routine again, and then back to the hung Alignment module.

If I run 'Focus' by myself, and then run 'Align', no problems, it only seems to happen when the Scheduler is in control.
What changed in the last two nights in the bleeding edge updates?
I haven't changed anything except to run 'apt update' and 'apt upgrade' and also rebooted the system and also power-cycled all the cameras and mount and focuser and such.

Very annoying... It works one night, then two nights later it has completely bizarre issues all of a sudden and nothing has been changed except for running the update.