Yeah I am not sure. I put in the information for my home network and I changed the priorities based on what I read online. The odd thing is that my network doesn't show up in the network list, but if I go to "Connect to Hidden Network" I can select my network profile from the drop down list and everything connects just fine. I have set my priorities both ways trying to figure it out.

Additional questions:
1. Tonight I worked on my profile for location and FOV and such. I picked the city closest to me which is within 10-15 miles. I was going to manually type in my coordinates but it wouldn't let me. Should this be good?

2. I have heard it is better to run Kstar and such on your desktop and connect through VNC. I got VNC working and was able to connect, but I was still unclear on the order of what I need to do. Do I need to open anything on the astroberry? Do I just open kstars on my personal computer? I tried to setup kstars on my personal computer and it said everything was connected, but when I tried to manually slew the mount nothing happened.

I think that is all for now until I get some clear skies to test again.