Simon Andersson replied to the topic 'AstroPi3 Scripts revised' in the forum. 1 year ago

I have considered Ubuntu Mate for that very reason. What has been stopping me is that I have a device called Astrolink 4 Pi. It is a power distribution box, dew heater controller, housing my Raspberry Pi 4. For it to work, and to be able to control it, I need to install the INDI software for it, and the instructions that I have access to only is for either Astroberry or Stellarmate. And I do believe the Stellarmate instructions also work for any Raspbian Bullseye installation. But again, I may even have got that part wrong. The instructions and software for the device can be found at github . Perhaps it is not very difficult to get that running on Ubuntu Mate as well?

Let me explain why I am trying to do this in the first place. I have been using Astroberry before, a few crashes every session, but I have learned some things not to do, in order to not provoke the crashing and it has been working OK. But still, I considered going the Windows route instead, using my small Mele Quieter 3Q mini PC. Turned out I needed to upgrade the firmware of my Sesto Senso 2 in order to get that working with Ascom. Upgrading the firmware, in turn, broke the compatability with INDI for the focuser in Astroberry. New INDI drivers have been released that reinstates have been released. Astroberry, which is a bit behind now, have not had these new drivers added, hence I have been looking for other options. I have not getting everything I need for going Windows yet, so I need to use the Astrolink 4 Pi for a while still.

Followed that advice of yours, I could not get anything to run. The kstars-bulid folder is quite small. a few hundred KB and only a couple of objects. I feel like there should be more there?