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Having exhausted every other possibility that I can think of, I 'think' something has gone wrong with the usb connection on the mount itself. When I use tail -f /var/log/syslog in a terminal, when I plug it into the pi, into a nonpowered USB hub (which was the way I could get it to talk to the mount when I got it) or a powered USB hub no additional entries are made in the log file as they are when any other usb is plugged in. I've tried four different cables same thing. Windows won't pick it up either.

It's still in warranty so I'll have to return to the store to get them to have a look.

Thanks all for looking.


Iain created a new topic ' CEM40 won't connect' in the forum. 10 months ago

All was working well until last night and then suddenly my ioptron CEM40 will not connect to kstars. When I do lsusb it's not found!

Is there anything else I can check or is this indicative of a hardware failure?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi all,

I've recently purchased a QHY294c Pro. I'm using SDK 22.2.28 as this was the latest I could find on QHY's website. There are three issues that I've noticed.

1) The download speed after taking the image is unbelievably slow. Longer than the image that you've taken - I've set the usb traffic and buffer to the maximum under the indi control panel but this makes no difference - any solution to this?

2) Streaming does not appear to be available, when I try to turn on streaming in the indi control panel it fails and similarly in Ekos - any idea how to turn on this feature? It would be useful for collimation.

3) When I first start ekos connections, the camera appears in the INDI panel but does not connect. I have to go into the INDI panel and then connect and this seems to take a long while.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi all. I just purchased a QHY294c Pro. Under windows streaming is fine in sharpcap or qhy's proprietary software. When I load the camera into Ekos the streaming tab under the INDI control panel has a streaming tab, when I try to turn stream on it says Error failed to start streaming. If I try this in Ekos it also fails. I am using sdk 22.2.28, as this was the latest one I could find on QHY's website. Streaming would be very useful for collimation.

A second minor issue, but a little annoying is that when I start Ekos, it connects to all of my other gear instantly. For the QHY294c it appears in the INDI control panel, but I have to push connect in there as well and then wait a minute before it actually connects - any idea why this is happening?