actually, I missed that when run ldconfig, it actually complains is not an ELF file.

it is because after copying from ZWO SDK to my Pi4, somehow it is corrupted. after re-copy the and use command
to confirm it is an ELF file, ldconfig can run without a problem.
then everything works on the ASI678MC


I tried to the ZWO SDK v1.26
2. sudo copy the file and to the folder /lib/aarch64-linux-gnu (replace the old
3. rebuild the catch with:
sudo rm /etc/
sudo ldconfig -v

then tried to rerun the Kstars/Ekos/INDI, this time INIDI won't start correctly with message box: "INDI Driver indi_asi_ccd crashed. Restart it? "

if I recover the and back to /lib/aarch64-linux-gnu, the Driver indi_asi_ccd can start, but go back to the old problem: [ERROR] Error connecting to the CCD (ASI_ERROR_CAMERA_REMOVED) with ASI678MC

Do I miss anything?


oscar replied to the topic 'INDI support ZWO new camera ASI678MC?' in the forum. 5 days ago

yes, it is the 64bit version. thanks for the reply. I will wait for the update.


oscar created a new topic ' INDI support ZWO new camera ASI678MC?' in the forum. 6 days ago

I have updated indi_asi_ccd to the latest 2.2 version in my StellarmateOS (latest v1.7.2) with command sudo apt-get install indi-asi
but always get [ERROR] Error connecting to the CCD (ASI_ERROR_CAMERA_REMOVED).

Just wonder if INDI asi camera driver acutally support this ASI678MC? if not, would support ZWO's new camera ASI678MC in next few release?