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Okay, bought a new AC-adapter from a site that seems more legitimate than some cheap Amazon knockoff… to be continued, thanks for the tip n


Marcus replied to the topic 'Connectivity Issues Nikon DSLR' in the forum. 11 months ago

I am using a dummy battery from Amazon.

So the problem might be that the camera is not getting sufficient power from the dummy and therefore loses the connection?


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Recently bought Stellarmate OS to install on a Pi 4 that I already had, but It´s only been issues so far.

I'm using it with my Nikon D5300, ZWO ASI120MM and HEQ5-PRO, though I've tried without the guider aswell.

The problem seems to be the camera drivers, I make sure to plug everything in to the Pi before booting it up, so that the camera, mount and guider is connected at startup. When I go to Ekos in the mobile app, the Nikon DSLR resolution sometimes shows up as "x", sometimes as "0", sometimes as "6000x4000" (which is the correct value) and sometimes "6014x4014".

It usually works for the first few pictures, then I lose the ability to change the ISO, and then it doesn't work at all. I can't think of anything that I might be doing to mess with it, I'm not pressing anything on the camera, I'm not disconnecting any cables, nothing! I simply click the camera-icon in the app to take another picture and it aborts the exposure a little while after the shutter goes off. If I turn the camera off, stop the driver profile in StellarMate, and reconnect the cables when the camera is started again, it works for a couple more images.

I've tried two different USB cables for the camera without results.

Sidenote: When I try to activate guiding, the entire profile crashes and I have to restart it... It also refuses to connect to the VNC when using a laptop on the Stellarmate Hotspot.

Any ideas to help with my problems?