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QHY183M not detected .. my solutions

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Recently I took off from its box my QHY183M camera.
I connected it to my Netbook Dell working under linuxmint  20. I updated before all that follows kstars/ekos/INDI.
I launched Kstars/Ekos and started connection of the devices.
The QHY183M wasn't detected by INDI. I confirmed it using indiserver that didn't found the QH183M.
lsusb shows only that the cam was here without precision of type or brand. But i saw when she was plug or unplugged.
I decided to install the last sdk available on QHY site.
This fixed the identification of camera by the system:
   lsusb shows the brand and name of the camera
   dmesg shows the camera with idproduct="c184".
When I looked in the /lib/udev/rules.d/85-qhyccd.rules there was no c184 idproduct.
<em>Scratched my head.</em>
Tested INDI again, without success.
<em>Scratched my head.</em>
I edited the 85-qhyccd.rules under /lib/udev/rules.d and /etc/udev/rules.d. I duplicated theline with c183 and modified the copy with idproduct="c184".
Tested INDI again without success.
<em>Scratched my head.</em>
I downloaded the souces of INDI and 3rd_party dirvers
I compiled the libqhy
I modified the 85-qhyccd.rules as said previously
I compiled the indi-qhy driver
I created a link libqhy.so.21 pointing to libqhy.so.21.9.16 (last SDK)
Tested INDI again ... and ... YAY ... SUCCESS.

All of this is not that clear. I am sure there is a bug somewhere in the sdk(s) of QHY on idproduct (why ? don't know).

Happily those hazardous manipulation fixed the problem.
Maybe I will try to describe later and better the path I follow.

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From Jan Soldan for those that could encounter the problem and to the developers
"I have noticed, that if you do lsusb, there is vendor/device ID 1618:c183,but this should be 1618:c184.There is two stage firmware download, after second stage, camera is reseted andhas to be seen seen on USB bus as 1618:c184I would say, that your camera is not able to download its firmware or possibly there is some hardware problem,difficult to say. The reason may be you have different fxload executable. So, attached is my one for 64 bit linux,maybe this will help you, I do not know." 
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