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INDI-Webcam driver with IMX290 based webcam issues

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Hi folks. I'm trying to get a new setup running and am having an issue with the guidecam.

I'm using a 3d printed opensource guide scope with a Sony IMX290 based board which should be capable of 1920x1080 connected to a Pi4 running Astroberry. If using the INDI-Webcam driver I get an image from the camera, however, most settings are unavailable to change in the INDI control panel such as video size which is locked at 640x480, pixel size, output format (YUV vs MJPEG), etc. While some dropdown boxes are available, clicking them does nothing.

I've tried this camera using the V4L2 CCD driver and all options are listed with their values and can be selected, however there is no video and that driver crashes when trying to use this camera. I've been told the INDI-Webcam is the correct driver to use.

This camera works under windows when using PHD2 so I believe the hardware is working properly.

Is there a way to select which values can be changed in the driver settings?
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Were you ever able to resolve this? I'm trying out an IMX290 board on Stellarmate and having the same issue.

I was able to get 1920x1080 images using INDI-Webcam, but it doesn't have any gain control (or other settings) and the pixel size is wrong.

I'm having the same crashing issues with the V4L2 driver unless the camera is set to 640x480.
1 year 8 months ago #69728

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