Cameron Tetford replied to the topic 'IMX290 - Astroberry and PHD2' in the forum. 2 years ago

I'm having issues with it as well.

It either crashes the V4L2 driver, or it hangs when attempting to take an exposure (depends on what device settings are being used, but the results are very consistent).

What have you tried that does/doesn't work?

I have the exact same problem of anything higher than 640x480 resolution doesn't work.


Were you ever able to resolve this? I'm trying out an IMX290 board on Stellarmate and having the same issue.

I was able to get 1920x1080 images using INDI-Webcam, but it doesn't have any gain control (or other settings) and the pixel size is wrong.

I'm having the same crashing issues with the V4L2 driver unless the camera is set to 640x480.


I'm trying to write a simple Python script to take a few photos using pyindi-client, but I'm having trouble receiving the blob.

I've been using this as a basis:

Everything about that tutorial works as expected (i.e it connects to the indi server, the mount moves to Vega, etc) but it gets hung up on the following line:


I know it is taking the photo, as the KStars FITS Viewer opens up with the image capture from the CCD Simulator, but it seems that the python script isn't receiving notification that the blob is available.

If I change the line to:

The script continues normally after timing out.

Any suggestions?